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Is having to build and debug hardware, firmware, infrastructure and application code all at the same time introducing frustration, risk and delay into your IoT projects?

At ControlBits, we provide hardware development tools, open-source firmware and resilient infrastructure that already work together so you can focus all of your efforts on the new, innovative elements of your product - dramatically reducing project risk and accelerating your IoT products time-to-market.

How can ControlBits help accelerate your IoT product development?

Simpler Product

Our hardware development kits help you design, prototype & test your hardware quickly

Project Risk

Open-source firmware & proven infrastructure reduces the time needed to debug your prototypes


Simpler, faster, lower-risk development cycle gets your IoT products to market faster

We know that developing hardware products that connect to ‘the Internet of Things' (IoT) isn’t easy; every new product or application needs a lot of different elements, including hardware, firmware, infrastructure, brokers, application software, etc., to work seamlessly together.

When developing new hardware or application code for a project, the last thing you can afford to do is put all of the IoT building blocks in place yourself. It is not only time consuming; it also introduces unnecessary complexity and risk into the project.

That is why at ControlBits, we’ve built a range of development tools (hardware, firmware & infrastructure) that already work together, so you can focus on the new, innovative elements of your project – getting to fully functional hardware quickly and smoothly …making you an IoT Hardware Hero!

Become an IoT Hardware Hero in three steps …

1. Choose your Hardware

EMIT IoT Develeopment Board
Our hardware development kits help you design, prototype & test your hardware quickly.
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2. Customise the Firmware

Our hardware is fully supported with open-source firmware, firmware developer guides & support forum. (Examples available in both MicroPython and Arduino/C++)
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3. Test on Proven Infrastructure

MQTTHQ MQTT Broker Service Icon
MQTTHQ is a free to use, multi-node, load-balanced MQTT broker cluster, designed to provide a stable, highly-reliable broker for developing IoT products & applications.
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