EMIT Hardware Support

Hi, please ask any hardware related questions here.

A great place to start wit the EMIT hardware features is the ‘Guided Tour of EMIT’s Features’ document on out GitHub repository: https://github.com/ControlBits/EMIT/wiki/A-Guided-Tour-Of-EMIT’s-Features

We have just updated the EMIT Case Modification application note. which describes a simple modification to the case, along with some other hints and tips on using the enclosure in real applications.

I am having a strange report on the MQTT site. The temperature reported is matching what is shown in the Thonny Shell, but the humidity is being reported and graphed as 30% +/- while the JSON being sent is like 44%. Also, it’s pretty easy to change the humidity by breathing on the sensor, but the change is not being recorded. Is anyone else seeing something like this? (I actually copied and pasted the formatting for the JSON from the Git, so it isn’t my typing this time!)

As Rosanne Rosandadama used to say, “Never mind.” I accidentally closed the tab of the site, and when I logged back in, the correct numbers were being reported. No problem now.